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External Chip-discharging (Gun Drilling Machine) Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Gun drilling machine also known as deep hole drilling machine, got its name from original usage used Military Industry, hence the name gun drilling, deep hole machining, which has won itself a convenient and efficient way of processing, as technology keeps developing and with unremitting efforts by system manufacturers, covers various applications such as: automobile, aerospace, structural construction, medical equipment, molds, tools, jigs, hydraulic, air compressor industry as well as other fields.

By providing precise machining, accurately machined position for hole, high linearity and co-axiality, excellent surface finish and slight tolerance, gun drill becomes ideal solution for deep hole machining. Gun drilling machine fits for various hole machining. With considerable technical reliability, gun drill can totally replace drill-and-ream Process with its unique one-time-processing.

The drill of gun drilling machine is mainly used for drilling holes of small diameter, about 1.5mm-38mm, drilling length-to-diameter ratio is 150(diameter x 150). (That means maximum drilling depth), high pressure coolant gets to cutting site through the spindle and the drill bit. Iron chip will be discharged through the V-groove on the drill bit.

1. Spindle Box

2. Workpiece

3. Central Bracket

4. Chip-discharger

5. Drilling Gun

6. Drilling Bar Bracket

7. Drilling Box

8. Oil-supply

Cautions for Gun Drilling Machine

Prior to use, suitable guide sleeve should be chosen and a 0.003mm--0.008mm distance should be kept between guide sleeve and the drill bit. Spindle used for drilling gun should be of higher axial and radial stiffness, and higher co-axility between guide sleeve and spindle is required. No any crack, gas-hole or other matters are allowed to be appear in the location of the drilled (specially for casting), which might cause tipping and drill-bit dropping. Cutting amount should be chosen properly. Normally, cutting speed: V=1.1-1.65 m/s, Feed Rate: s=0.015-0.03mm/rev, oil pressure: P=2.5-6.0Mpa, flowrate: Q=0.2-0.65L/s.

Cutting liquid for drilling could significantly and immediately affect the accuracy of holing, so drilling-specific oil should be used. In most cases, cutting oil for drilling gun would equipped with extreme additives to create an oil membrance to avoid draught grinding. Viscosity of cutting oil depends on drilling diameter. The shorter diameter is, the lower viscosity is obtained. On contrast to typical machine, the cutting oil sent to cutting area seems to be of higher pressure, larger flow and higher accuracy of filtration. Flow rises as hole-depth increases to assure faster flow for chip-discharging.

Correct grinding on time as soon as drill bit get worn. Grinding should be conducted on universal or special cutlery grinder, with drill gun mourned on a dedicated clamp and with resin bonded diamond wheel of particulate size 120 to repair only rear edge surface of inner and outer angels each time. Proper geometric angel (drawing provided by us) and tip position should be assured.

Scope of Gun Drilling Machine

Our gun drilling machine holing can handle drilling diameter of Φ1.2mm-Φ40mm, a maximum 2.5m length and upto 4 spindles, which is widely used in Military Barrel, Rear Fin; Water-hole, Pin-hole, Electrothermal hole in plastic molding; valves, distributor, pump and fluid cylinder in hydraulic machinery; engine cylinder, oil-supply & transmission system parts, steering mechanism chassis and steering shaft for Auto Industry, as well as small holing for textile machinery, instruments, apparatus, diesel generator and printer.

Internal Chip-discharging (BTA) Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Difference between BTA drilling and Gun drilling comes to the way cooling fluid enters and chip discharges. For BTA, cutting oil is driven into cutting site by Coolant Supply and then carries iron chips into drill bit and drill bar's inner hole for chip-discharge. In the case of large hole (bigger than 40mm), the BTA drilling is preferred.

Adopting internal chip-discharging strategy, which handles diameter from Φ20mm to Φ80mm (Boring), our T2120 Series Deep Hole Boring Machine's drilling, boring and rolling functions are applicable to propeller, landing gear and ejection seat; various barrels in military use; heat exchanger pad in power plant; roller in metallic, all rotating parts for gas cylinder, fluid cylinder and spindle; pipes in casting and forging with accuracy of T17, roughness(drilling) of Ra12.5 and roughness(boring) of Ra6.3 as well as roughness(after rolling) of more than Ra 0.4. These Products' Boring Diameter ranges fromФ40mm to Ф200mm, with maximum length -10m. Our maximum Boring Machine can handle Boring Diameter – 1000mm(T21100).

1. Spindle Box

2. Central Bracket

3. Workpiece

4. Drill Head

5. Drilling Bar

6. Oil-supply

7. Drilling Bar Bracket

8. Drilling Box

9. External Chip-discharger

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