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TG2Zx2106mm Double Spindle Deep Hole Skiving Roller and Burnishing Machine
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Description and Features of TG2Zx2106mm Double Spindle Deep Hole Skiving Roller and Burnishing Machine

TG2Zx2106mm double spindle deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine is a highly-efficient and precise machine independently-developed by our company for machining work-piece inner bores in place of original deep-hole drilling and boring machine. This machine has two spindles, capable of machining two work pieces a time. The machine has a big ration power, a high rigidity, a wide allowance of machining process, and a very high machining efficiency, especially suitable for machining various auto steering gears, forklifts and other mini mechanic hydraulic oil cylinders.

TG2Zx2106mm double spindle deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine is mainly used for skive-action and roll machining. The machine adopts the machining technique of immoveable work-piece and rotating boring tool. Front-row scraping is adopted for skive-action machining, with oil fed by oil feeder at the center of boring bar and with chips removed at the back of headstock. Rolling is post-tensioning rolling. SRB high-speed scraping/boring rolling head manufactured by the company is applied, capable of machining oil cylinder highly efficiently. The traditional technology of heavy boring, fine boring and honing machining oil cylinder is changed, one-off molding, with 8 to 15 times of the production efficiency of traditional technology. The application of this machine will bring an epoch-making revolution to the production process of oil cylinder.

The bed of deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine is manufactured by high quality cast iron, with strong rigidity and strong stability. Boring bar box spindle is drove by ac servo motor, boring bar box spindle is drove by servo motor, wide speed range, large output torque, feed system uses AC servo motor driven double rack transmission, smooth feeding, long service life and can adapt to the needs of all kinds of deep hole machining process, workpiece loading card adopts tight hydraulic cylinder, stable and reliable, easy handling, electrical system adopts centralized control CNC system, can be interactive, graphical display, flexible operation, safeand reliable. In production it is suitable for mass production can also be suitable for small batch production.

TG2Zx2106mm Deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine is equipped with large capacity automatic chip removal machine, drum magnetic separator, collect automatically iron into attle box, cooling fluid can be recycled by precision filtration.

The biggest character of this deep hole machine is double spindle, each time can work two workpieces at the same time.

Machine Main Technical Data



Working scope

Boring hole diameter range


Workpiece length


Boring bar box spindle parameters

Center height

> 300mm

The spindle speed range


(Ac frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)

Output shaft torque


Feed parameters

Feed speed range

5-2000mm/min (stepless)

Plate moving fast


Machining accuracy

Locate the length


Workpiece surface roughness of boring


Workpiece surface roughness of rolling


Workpiece machining straightness

≤0.05/500 mm

Workpiece machining roundness


Motor capacity

Boring bar motor power

30KW Ac servo motor

Feed motor

5.5kw Ac servo motor

Hydraulic pump station motor

1.5KW Ac motor

Output cooling pump motor power

7.5KW one set

Automatic chip removal motor power

1.5KW one set

Magnetic separator motor power

0.75KW one set

Centralized lubrication motor

0.75KW one set


Head of the biggest pre-tightening force for the workpiece


The cooling system flow


Cooling system rated pressure


Magnetic separator flow


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