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T2235 Deep Hole Boring Machine
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T2235 Deep Hole Boring Machine

T2235 deep hole boring machines series are specially for the cylindrical workpiece, such as lathe's spindle holes, through holes, blind holes, step holes of all kinds of machinery hydralic oil cylinders, air cylinders, the machine can drill, bore and also press, it is adopted BTA chip-out method.

Description of Deep Hole Boring Machine

The body of the T2235 deep hole boring machine is good in regidity, high accuracy. The spindle speed range is wide, infeed system is driven by AC servo motor, which can meet all kinds of deep hole process, the oil supply fasten device and workpiece clampling device adopts hydralic system, and show the pressure value, safety and reliable.

We can also make similar deep hole boring machines basing on the above machine,different length.

We can make this kind of machines according to customers' requirement.

This T2235 deep hole boring machineseries also have CNC model.

Machine Main Technical Data



Drilling diameter range


Max.diameter for boring


Boring diameter range


Chuck diameter for clamping work piece

220mm -450mm

Height from spindle center to machine bed


Spindle bore diameter


Taper of spindle bore

85mm 1: 20

Speed range for spindle

40-500r/min (12kinds)

Feed speed range (infinte)


Rapid travel speed for carriage


Main motor power


Hydraulic pressure pump motor power


Carriage fast moving motor power


Feeding motor power


Cooling pump motor power

4kw 4groups

Rated pressure for cooling system


Flowing for cooling system

100/200/300/400 L/min

Rated working pressure for hydraulic system


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