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ZKB2103A Economical Type Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine
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ZKB2103A Gun Drilling Machine

Economical Type Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine

ZSK2103A Economical deep hole drilling machine is also a three coordinate deep hole gun drilling machine, this machine is suitable for working with special sharped workpiece, the deep hole diameter range and deep hole depth can be manufactured according to customer's requirement.

This deep hole drilling machine is mainly used for glass moulds, hydraulic tools, rubber moulds of water holes, oil holes, heat holes and so on.

Main Parameter

Z Axis CNC system is: Fanuc 0i-Mate system

X, Y axis is digital digital display

Worktable is 600mmx800mm

Drill depth: 500mm (1000mm optional)

Hole Diameter 3-25mm

Processing Accuracy

Straightness: 1mm/1000mm (every 1000mm, 1mm tolerance)

Roughness: Ra0.8~3.2um

Deep hole accuracy: IT7~IT11

Description of ZKB2103A Economical type deep hole gun drilling machine

ZKB2103A Economical type deep hole gun drilling machine is used for drilling three or two coordinate holes deep-hole machining equipment with properties of high efficiency, high accuracy and high automation. So it is also called three coordinate deep hole gun drilling machine.

It adopts external-chip removing method (gun drill method) through one continues drilling, it can instead of traditional drilling, expanding and reaming procedure and arrive the machine accuracy and surface roughness requirement in one time. The deep hole accuracy is IT7-IT10, roughness is Ra3.2-Ra0.04 um, the center straight line is less than 0.05mm every 1000mm.

It is controlled by CNC system with function of both single action and automatic recycling. So that it can not only meet the requirements of small batch, but also can meet large batch.

The machine can drill through hole, blind hole and step hole. It can be widely used in the industry of automobile and motorcycle, mould, military and aeronautics.

Workpiece Processing Procedure

1. Fix the workpiece on the working table.

2. Pneumatic system control guide suite of the guide frame.

3. Start the cooling system high pressure pump group.

4. Start the drilling bar box, drive the driller rotary.

5. Z axis infeed system drive driller infeed.

6. After drilling to the setted position, driller return, coolant stop, sealed guide suite loose.

7. X, Y axis move to the next drilling position, repeat 2 to 7.

2~7 steps are completed by manual, position display by digital meter

Machine Mainly Parameters




Working capacity

Drilling diameter range


Drilling max depth


Machine character

Z axis

Infeed speed range



Rapid speed range


X axis



(make according to customer request)

Y axis

Travel distance


Drilling bar box

Speed range



Motor power


Inverter motor

Machine loading weight


Hole length-diameter ratio


CNC system


Coolant systyem

Coolant system pressure range



Coolant system flow range



Filter accuracy


Oil chamber volume


Mainly Structure of the Machine

Machine body

Drilling bar box

Infeeding system (Z axis)

Coolant system

Oil temperature controller machine

Auto chips removal device (note: iron material/steel material use magnet chips removal device, while copper material use scraping belt, please indicate which you like, if you wants both, price increase USD1200)

Elevator (Y axis) and T working table (X axis)

Central lubrication system

Pneumatic control system

Guide frame system

Drilling bar support system

FANUC or GSK CNC control system

Spare Parts

Oil chamber filter device and filter paper

Overflow valve

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