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PLC Deep Hole Honing Machine
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Machine Main Parameters of PLC Deep Hole Honing Machine



Machine name

Horizontal deep hole honing machine

Machine Model


Deep hole honing machine diameter range


Deep hole honing length

Max. 10000mm

Center height: carrier body guide surface to honing bar


Clamping jobs diameter range


Honing box spindle speed range

25-250r/min stepless

Honing box spindle reciprocate speed range

1-20m/min  stepless

Honing box motor power

7.5KW(servo motor)

Coolant pump flow


Coolant box volume


Honing head expanding system oil pump motor power (servo control)


Coolant pump motor power


Reciprocate motor power


Machine Usage of PLC Deep Hole Honing Machine

The machine is used for cylindical jobs honing process.

Honed hole accuracy: IT6-IT.7

Honed hole roughness: Ra0.2-Ra0.4μm.

The machine can be partical honing, reparing the cylinders.

Newly Design Advantage of PLC Deep Hole Honing Machine

Honing head expansion controlled by servo motor

Expansion pressure is steady and reliable.
Can inspect the workpiece inner hole automatically, which can realize partical honing, enhance the working efficiency.
Servo control can be controlled through CNC pannel, diginal read, adjustment accuracy.

Honing oil feeding(outside and inside combined)

Honing oil go inside through honing bar, which will have big force to wash the honing dirties away.
Inside honing oil feeding can make up the long workpiece honing defect.

Honing Box of PLC Deep Hole Honing Machine

Honing box

Mounted on carrier.

Honing box motor

7.5KW (Servo motor) 

Honing box spindle speed range

25-250r/min stepless

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