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NZK2103(1500mm) Gundrilling Machine
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Machine Brief of NZK2103(1500mm) Gundrilling Machine

1) Drill hole method: Gun drilling method.

2) Machine equips with T-Slot working table, T-slot in the middle is the reference slot with width 18H7. The height from spindle center to T-slot working table is 240mm, length of T-slot working table is 1500mm.

3) Infeed guide rail of the machine is HIMIN linear guide rail, sliding block of linear guide rail equips with seal.

4) Machine equips with full safety guard with four doors, the door can be linked move.

5) Drill bar box spindle is driven by SIEMENS servo main motor and synchronous belt, can realize speed stepless, main motor power 5kw, spindle rotating speed 500~5000r/min. Deublin rotary joint is used for the rear end of drill bar box spindle. The tooling is mounted directly on the front end of drill bar box spindle without drill handle connection sleeve; The front end of the spindle is machined with four press screw holes for backup.

6) Cutter infeeding movement adopts SIEMENS servo motor, flexible coupling, ball screw structure, speed stepless can be realized; Screw nuts with seal.

7) Machine equips with two sets of drill bar support rest, which are connected by chain. and drill bar support rest linked move.

8) Guilde sleeve inside of guide frame can do axial movement for 30mm under the control of hydraulic pressure system to tighten and loosen the workpiece.

9) Machine coolant system include: Paper filter, high pressure pump group and liquid level controller, can adjust the pressure and flow of cutting oil according to hole diameter, flow and pressure value will be shown.

10) There is oil returning slot on the infeed sliding table and machine bed, all oil will be back to the coolant oil tank.

11) There is oil retention tank under the coolant oil tank and mahine bed.

12) CNC system adopts SIEMENS-808D.

Machine main parameters of NZK2103(1500mm) Gundrilling Machine




Working capacity

Drill hole diameter range



Drill hole max. depth



Workpiece max. length



Machine Character

Z axis

Infeed speed range



Rapid move speed



Infeed motor torque



Drill bar box

Max. rotation speed



Motor power


Servo spindle motor

Coolant system

Coolant system pressure range



Coolant system flow range



Filter accuracy



Oil tank valume



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